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Where would you like to start? Pilates or Massage? Both?


Why start with a consult?

Even if you've received multiple bodywork sessions, you should make sure that you work well with our therapist.

Our therapist aim to improve your quality of life and the more we understand your needs through a consultation, the better your results. Trained in multiple modalities and techniques, your results could include deep relaxation, pain relief, postural and biomechanical correction and more!

one on one

Meet your teacher...

...and the variety of equipment involved with the Pilates method of contrology exercise. Learn the fundamentals and understand the benefits this method can offer you that will last a lifetime.

Start one-on-one to set you up for success then deepen your practice with more private sessions or move into a small group class.


New Student Offer

Or take advantage of a very special introductory, new student offer...the starter package. Two private Pilates sessions and two reformer classes. All for just $150.


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