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Pilates is a methodical series of functional exercises most often performed on your back, stomach or supported in space with special equipment like a reformer or mat. The purpose of all Pilates exercises is to decompress the spine while strengthening multiple groups of muscles closest to your skeletal system. By making the intrinsic muscles stronger, your body will become progressively more efficient and flexible. Pilates helps people of all ages achieve strong posture, muscle balance and core strength. ReVibe offers certified and insured mat and equipment classes six days a week.


There are many risks associated with feeling out of balance. When we are imbalanced, our adaptability to standing and movement is decreased. Pilates is a proven method for restoring balance associated with muscular imbalance, weakness, poor posture and poor movement.

 EQUIPMENT: Small, quality classes of six.

EQUIPMENT: Small, quality classes of six.


Pilates is great for your brain. All of the fundamental principles require use of your brain: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow.

Feel your consciousness unfold with regular Pilates classes.


Pilates is a beautiful and challenging method to stretching and strengthening the body. Joseph Pilates designed his Contrology method to do these two things simulateneously.

Very few other methods can compare.



Privates are designed to work with your specific needs by making an assessment of your posture, strengths and weakness. Also, taking privates is a prerequisite for group classes. If you’ve never taken Pilates equipment classes before, purchase our package of three private sessions for $195. If you do have experience, please contact us and we'll get you started in classes.

  • One on one instruction
  • Initial consultation
  • Utilize all equipment 
  • Learn fundamentals or deepen your knowledge 
  • Address specific needs 
  • Prepare for group reformer classes


Semi-privates are available for many combinations of students: friends, couples or even a parent and child. This class has only two participants.

  • Prerequisite: 3 or more private sessions 
  • Great for friends, couples and families 
  • More affordable than a private session 
  • Enjoy a brisk paced workout 
  • Experience the chair, barrel and more

group reformer classes

Our most popular class option once you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Pilates. A minimum of three participants are required; therefore, it is at ReVibe’s discretion to reschedule a class containing less than three.

  • Prerequisite: 3 or more private sessions or prior regular practice on Pilates equipment
  • This workout involves the reformer equipment 
  • Most affordable Pilates session 
  • Minimum of 3 participants required 
  • Fun and social with effective choreography


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