The main parking lot of Lincoln Center is located off Cascade Avenue on the west side of the building. Alternatively, you can park right outside our main entrance (Suite 170) on Tejon Street on the east side of the building. Cross-streets are Tyler & Polk.


ReVibe prides itself on offering a very clean environment. Students are expected to wipe down the equipment they have used. Sticky socks are required at all times to prevent injury and maintain a clean environment. Please, no bare feet.

Cancellation & Fees

Please respect our 24-hour cancellation policy as many of our classes and appointments have a wait list. Call as soon as possible when you detect any sign of illness or just cannot make your scheduled appointment. We understand that things come up so we offer one grace cancellation with no charge per calendar year.

Memberships, packages and passes can incur a charge of $20 or the full appointment/class fee.

Private, semi-private, group Pilates and all bodywork appointments can incur a deduction from your package or the full fee.

ReVibe reserves the right to terminate any client relationship as necessary.

Cancellations due to inclement weather are not dependent on any particular district or area of the city so we’ll do our best to inform you of cancellations as late as the morning of scheduled classes.


To assist you in keeping your appointments, our scheduling system will deliver confirmations and reminders by either text, email or both. It’s that easy.

All sales are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.


Prepayment is required for all services at ReVibe, this applies to future sessions that you wish to reserve. In order to hold your spot or book future group reformer/equipment classes you must have enough credit in your account to do so. Otherwise we cannot guarantee your spot in that class.

All sales are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.


Bring socks for hygienic and traction purposes.

Bring your water bottle, we work hard to protect the environment from excessive waste and recycling.

Do not wear excessively loose clothing when working on equipment such as a reformer.

what can i expect when i get a massage?

Licensed and certified therapists at ReVibe abide by the code of ethics and scope of practice set forth by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies and our profession. Massage therapists assess, they do not diagnose.

A therapists’ massage table is covered with linens which protect your privacy and modesty. When an area of your body is worked upon, only that area is uncovered. Always undress to your comfort level. Many clients fully undress but several feel more comfortable leaving on their underwear.

Be warm. If you’re not, please let your therapist know.

Let your therapist know of any existing allergies. Massage oils and lotions sometimes contain nuts even though we strive to use nut-free lubricant.


We abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act (HIPPA), which requires health providers to protect your data whether electronic or paper. Furthermore, information disclosed during a session or otherwise, is held in complete confidence. Consent will be requested verbally or by written permission if you’d like other health providers to be informed of your needs.

Our site and scheduling software are secured through an SSL (padlock in address bar).

Your email: We use your email to inform you of your schedule through confirmations and reminders. In addition, a regular newsletter is sent out informing you of events, changes, additions and specials.